Documentation, Theory and Training Opportunities


(September 22nd, 2015) Using GIS and Mobile Tools to Track Implementation and Compliance of Water Quality Projects September 22nd

(September 11th, 2015) PTMApp Blue Ribbon Panel – PTMApp Desktop

(July 29th, 2015) The Basics: How to do Hydrologic Conditioning

(July 8th, 2015) Science and Theory Behind Water Quality Enhanced Geospatial products

(June 10th 2015) Integrating Modeling & WQ Enhanced Geospatial Products Into Restoration Strategies

(May 19th, 2015) Enhanced Geospatial Products: Solving WQ Problems

Training Opportunities

PTMApp Web Training on February 22, 2018. St. Cloud, Minnesota 12:30 – 4:00 PM

PTMApp Web Training on February 23, 2018 Detroit Lakes Minnesota

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Number of participants is limited to 20 per session