PTMApp – Web

The PTMApp products (see Figure) can be used to complete a pollutant source assessment, evaluate the feasibility of Best Management Practices, estimate the water quality benefits of one or more practices, and assess the ability to achieve measurable goals. The sequential use of the products allows the user to create a targeted implementation strategy to improve water quality, whether within a local drainage area or a large watershed. The products are also useful for developing targeted grant applications for improving water quality, and further refining implementation strategies described in Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategies (WRAPS).

PTMApp – Web provides access to the various products created using PTMApp – Desktop. The PTMApp – Desktop products are uploaded to the web server by the web administrator. Placement of the PMTApp products into the web environment, requires authorization by the entity creating the data products. To use PTMApp - Web you MUST create a user account which requires approval by the web administrator. You MUST also request and be authorized by the web administrator to view data for specific watersheds.

Once you have a user account, there are currently two tools available to view, interact with and retrieve the PTMApp products. These tools include an interactive map and the table generator. Standard PTMApp products can be viewed and printed using the interactive map. A summary of the products and their uses can be found here. The table generator allows the user to download the PTMApp data to their desktop, allowing for additional geospatial analysis and the creation of secondary products.